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  1. I have listened to Jonathan Schwartz for years. I Was genuinely upset with events this past week and,,,, what was going to happen to Sunday afternoon..?
    Your show today was great. Your choices and selections were superb and a great background for my day.
    Keep up the good work. You have a new fan and listener.

  2. I love the freshness and variety of your music although I am bitterly disappointed about the loss of Jonathan.

  3. Paul, You’re the perfect person to take over Jonathan’s chair. You really know your stuff and you add a lot with your interesting commentary about the artists. Also you have a beautiful speaking voice, something the younger hosts don’t realize is important. That “vocal fry” thing is so annoying that it makes me change the station! I’m delighted to hear you on the weekends on WNYC. You’re a breath of fresh air.

  4. Hello , Paul,
    I have several recordings on the Summit Records jazz label that I think would fit well with your programming on WNYC radio. These recordings feature some of New York’s top jazz musicians.

    Jonathan Schwartz had my most recent CD (Certain Relationships) as album of the week on his website, and he played some of the tracks on his WNYC program.

    You can hear some of this music on my website,

    I would like to send you copies of my CDs. Please advise me how to do so. Thanks very much.

  5. Dear Lord Cavalconte –
    I’m sorry to admit I had no knowledge of you until you returned to FUV. At the time I was moving away from FUV to WNYC fm but i managed to hear bits of your cover for various DJs. I wasn’t listening as much as I had been but I thought at the time ” who is this guy and why haven’t I heard of him…?” After all I grew up on NY radio from WMCA through WABC to WOR and leaving NYC behind in the high days of NEW.
    Who cares I know – but I want to thank you for being the hardest working man in Radio! You served well when Vin stepped down; your QXR stints prove music can’t be sequestered to one category; and your expansive take on the American Song Book proves the point!
    Thank you!
    If you cross paths with Elliott Forrest at QXR say hi for me. (old friend from another adventure)

  6. A friend with no access to the net, has asked me to find out the name of your ‘NYC theme. Thanks.

  7. I would love to know whose recorded arrangement of the Eric Satie Gymnopedie you use to open your show on WNYC. It sounds like Reverbere but I’m not sure. Love the show and thank you.

  8. I have a digital version of Rhode Island and You by Jane Froman – very unusual for her. I’d like to send it to you but I don’t see anyway to attach it to this form. Can you advise?

  9. You do a great job. I listened to you on wnew am many years ago. I thought you were much older from your vocal delivery. Your clearly a contemporary of mine.I’m 61 years old.You showed it again today with your comment about Hogey Carmichael’s “Oh Buttermilk Sky”being plugged on late nite TV. That was the first thing that went through my mind when I got back in my van and heard it playing. I get a kick out of it as this type of thing has happened a number of times since you replaced Jonathan. I miss Jonathan, but I would miss you too.Hope you don’t go away anytime soon. Really enjoy your shows!!!

  10. I love your musical choices. Cavalcade is wonderful, and I think you’re doing a tremendous job in Schwartz’s slot.

  11. Paul-

    You are doing a great job – thanks for presenting on WNYC. Considering that you typically credit artists for music you play, could you credit Gary Numan for the show’s intro Gymnopedies? Let me know if you need more info on the recording.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Paul –
    I was in mourning when Jonathan Schwartz left WNYC; he had been in my ear since high school in the 60’s. However, you have stepped up and exceeded all my expectations for the program. Your presentations create more than a mood, it’s like they establish a place in which nothing exists in my entire being except musical wonders. When I tuned in WQXR one day and there you were again, I found the same deft handling of a completely different genre. I look forward to many more of your shows.
    I can’t believe I wrote my first groupie letter at age 65, but what the hell – keep up the good work.


  13. Got to say that your broadcast is SO MUCH BETTER and more varied than Jonathan’s was towards the end. It is lovely to hear the music and not listen to yet another story about Jonathan Schwartz!
    Thank you for reinvigorating the Sunday show.

  14. Hi Paul,
    We listened to your Saturday Show(?) on a Monday May 7 while walking the streets in Paris. It was great.
    Love your music at WQXR and now at your WNYC program your selections are even more amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your love of music with us.
    Will you please include the Peggy Lee with George Shearing recordings and some by Les Paul and Mary Ford.
    More power to your programs!

  15. Paul : Thanks for playing Madeline Peyroux tonight . I saw her last year on L.I. at Boulton Center , a small venue . On guitar was Jon Herrington – who fills the lead guitar slot when Steeley Dan tours . He did a great job with her without calling attention to himself . Keep up the great mix and keep it fresh . THANKS . Bill .

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE you for taking over on Sundays.
    I’ve listened to Jonathan since I was a lil kid in my dad’s taxi cab on my way to school (mind you I’m 53 now). I was DEVASTATED when CD101.9 was taken away from us. You Mr. Cavalconte bring a sunny outlook to what’s left of REAL american music. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    Hearing Uncle Frankie mixed with Harry Connick and then a some Joanie Mitchell is my idea of Heaven. Ella The Duke The Count and ALL of Jazz MUST NEVER die. Thanx also of throw’n in my favorite 70s smatterings.

  17. Hi Paul,

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your recent work on the Saturday and Sunday Show. I perform at Bemelman’s Bar at the Carlyle 4 or 5 times per week, and have recorded 6 CDs (I’ve had national airplay over the years on Standards radio programs), with an emphasis on the great American Songbook. I wondered how to submit music for possible inclusion on your WNYC weekend songlist. Thanks!

  18. ‘Listened to Jonathan Schwartz a lot
    Until the show drowned in its rot,
    And you became its swinging’ singing’ voice.

    Now my heart is beamin’ with pride;
    I wrote you a song “Sinatra B-Side”-
    for the Muse came down & I had little choice.

    (Now it’s time to go work on its 3 folksy chord.) Toot a loo

  19. Thank you for the splendid work on Saturday and Sunday WNYC. Great selection of music. Just the right amount of informed and witty commentary.

  20. Greetings from Sydney, Australia! I love listening to the Saturday Show after Live from Here, great way to spend a lazy Sunday relaxing at home with some brilliant tunes. My kitty Perry likes to pretend she’s Peggy Lee ?

  21. Fantastic job with the WNYC programs as well as ‘FUV.

    Heard you play a couple Bobby Darin tunes recently.
    Wondering if you’ve heard anything off of Darin’s recent CD of previously unreleased material.

    Keep up the good work(s)!


  23. You’re bringing us wonderful music, and without ego! I’m loving the jazz and the amazing recordings you’re presenting. Todays are marvelous. I hate having to leave my radio!

  24. I am listening to you right now on qxr on my BOSE player this last Sunday morning in September 30, 2018. I discovered you after Jonathan Schwartz left the air. I try to tune in as often as I can. Your music selections just breathe new life into me. I can’t wait until noontime for more music on wnyc for 4 more hours of amazing selections. Never stop. Never go away. Thanks so much.

  25. Hello Paul. My wife and I were avid listeners to J. Schwartz for years – from the WNEW years until his absence at WNYC. My daughter was raised listening on Saturday nights – she’s got a great voice and an appreciation of the music and singers. So glad the station decided to continue “the music of your life” during the same time slots. New York Radio would not be the same without it. As we listen to your comments and music selection we both agree you have raised the bar and continue a great tradition. She’s a member of WNYC and I support WQXR. Keep up the range of selections so that the American Song Book rings throughout NYC for years to come. Congratulations.

  26. Hi Paul,

    when phoning in my NYC membership renewal pledge weeks back, I made special note of how pleased I am with your Sat and Sun shows. Best on the Air….

    So happy that you have those slots !

  27. Paul:
    Enjoy listening to your program Sundays, at home and/or in the car. But wonder why you filter or homogenize mail voices so that Sinatra, or Tony Bennet, or even Willy Nelson can hardly be distinguished from each other or from half a dozen lesser singers, except by their phrasing or orchestrations. Thanks for identifying each by name at the end of a section, otherwise all those mellowed out voices would leave one guessing.

  28. Enjoyed your Sunday, December 2 show. Very eclectic. Appreciated the Fat Waller song. It reminded me of a late colleague of yours, the late Rich Conaty and brought back pleasant memories.

  29. Dear Paul,

    I’m a huge fan of your American Standards program. Your commentary enriches the experience of hearing this timeless music.

    A few minutes ago (December 8), you lamented that “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” could not be played at other times of the year. Actually, Frank Loesser’s daughter said it drove him up a wall to hear the song played in December. She explained that the whole point of the lyric is that the singer has just been smitten and is hoping for a date far in advance:

    “Maybe it’s much too early in the game
    “Oh, but I thought I’d ask you just the same
    “What are you doing New Year’s?
    “New Year’s eve?”

    I conclude that you should not hesitate to play this song in the spring or the summer. It’s certainly worth hearing any time of year.

    Keep up the great work!

  30. I listen to you religiously every sunday wnyc- your commetary and soothing voice make my work day more bearable
    Thank you

  31. Paul,

    You moved seamlessly into Jonathan’s show on Sunday. I can only assume that when you get home on a Sunday night after three gigs, you are beat. But I hope you know how much so many of us appreciate your dedication to the music and to we, the listeners.

  32. Listening to your show this afternoon and the radio show songs brought back memories of the Milk Man’s Matinee theme song (WNEW AM back in the day). Dad and my uncle were milk men. Nice memory of old time radio. Thanks.

  33. Hi Paul –

    I’m a big fan of yours. I just love your show, “Cavalcade”, on WFUV. Your February 10th grammy award show I thought was wonderful. In particular, you did a killer set of songs while waxing nostalgic about the time before MTV and internet radio. I graduated high school in 1979, and so have favorite, “power pop” music from that period. Your selection of songs were among my favorites. Thank you for your scholarship, creativity, imagination, and artistry. I would love to correspond further via email. Thanks.

  34. Hi Paul:
    I listen every Sunday…you’re doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work. Great selections.
    Thanks for your interesting background info.

  35. I am one of the many that listen every Sunday religiously. I wanted to reach out and let you know that you outdid yourself yesterday with the Nat King Cole 100th birthday show. It was just marvelous and so informative. I enjoyed your interaction with John Pizzarelli. When I am not in the car or at home to listen I listen on I-heart radio. Thank you for all the hard work I know you must put in to make this show so great!

  36. Hi Paul:
    I agree with your many fans that you do a great job helping keep American Standards music alive! On your past weekend show celebrating Stephen Sondheim’s March 22nd birthday. you said he turned 88 – when he’s now 89! (born 3/22/1930).

  37. For many years, I lived on the upper west side of Manhattan and listened to Jonathan every Sunday; often while walking around the reservoir. Now I live on the upper west side of the the U.S. and for a few hours, I am transported back to the magic of Manhattan. Thank you Paul for sharing your enthusiasm for and knowledge of the songbook.

  38. Any hope, Paul, of a special June segment on the WNYC Sunday show honoring the 50th anniversary of Judy Garland’s death? Would be great to hear some of the less familiar material—especially songs from the early years, when her voice had such an incredible clarity and sweetness?

  39. Thank you, Mr. Cavalconte, for picking up the WNYC-FM slack for the departed previous person. It is my sincere pleasure to listen to your American Standards broadcast on both Saturday and Sunday..Thank you for keeping the music alive, fresh, and regal.. Keep going strong, sir.. Thank you..

  40. I’ve found out the origin of the first signature tune on your WNYC program — Satie’s Gymnopedies interpreted by Gary Numan — but still don’t know what’s the other song you end with. The one with the slow piano. Help!!!

  41. Hello Paul, I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your Sunday Standards show. Your selections make for an easy Sunday afternoon. Thanks.

  42. Hey Paul,

    Just writing to let you know that my dog Beckham and I love your Saturday night Standards show! Each week, we sit at our backyard firepit, he with a bone and I with a bottle of red wine, just relaxing under the stars and enjoying your talents. Please keep doing what you do!


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  44. Love it when you include Jane Monheit on your playlist. More please.

    Also Nancy LaMott.

  45. Great show tonight. One wonderful choice after another. I love hearing Sammy Davis, JR. Such an original.
    P.S>– I’m a sustaining member!

  46. Paul, I tried twice to send you a CD c/o WNYC, but I don’t think you received them.. Are you aware that you can find Judy Garland singing “For Once in My Life,” “How Insensitive,” and “After the Holidays” on YouTube, also Sinatra singing “When Joanna Love Me.”If you’d like to receive a CD, let me know where to send it.
    Best regards

  47. Did you know you can hear Judy Garland singing “For Once in My Life,” “How Insensitive,” and “After the Holidays” on YouTube, also Sinatra singing “When Joanna s Me.”

  48. Paul,

    I grew up listening to everything up and down the dial on AM and FM.

    I first heard you on what was then WZFM in Westchester County, New York.

    Later I listened to you on the station that wrote the book on how standards should be presented WNEW-AM.

    Now you’re doing it and sounding better than ever weekend mornings on WQXR and of course presenting the Great American Songbook the way it should be.

    You play the classic performances and people who did them from the 20th century and the current interpreters of this wonderful genre on New Standards.
    As I told you in a private message, you’re one of the few who can make any kind of radio work and worth listening to.

    Thank you, Paul Cavalconte for everything you to make radio better.

  49. Hi Paul,
    On Saturday nights, when I would hear your opening theme, it set the mood; I was transported and knew your show was on its way. I loved both the opening & closing themes. I don’t always get to listen to the end so I don’t know if you’ve retained the close. Please consider bringing back the opener – and the close as well, if need be. I really miss it (them!)

  50. Hi Paul,

    Having been a jazz and folk DJ in my first 2 years of college long ago, in addition to being a classical music lover, helps me appreciate all you do, yet more than many.

    Hearing your UBIQUITOUS peak quality presence on WQXR’s multiple genres, at most any time slot,, documents your being the backbone of a station filled with numerous quality personalities.

    Your being on the other side of the radio, consistently presenting about musicians and musical sub-genres, so helps your audience’s days.

    All this, is in addition to the many comments above, about your so gracefully filling Jonathan’s place at the microphone.

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