Paul Cavalconte, radio host on New York’s WNYC, WQXR and WFUV; curator of The Vinyl Experience and Vinyl Jazz stations on iHeartRadio, and The Vinyl Experience Radio Show on prn.fm and rtds.ca.

@wfuv @PaulCavalconte @PaulMcCartney @PaulCavalconte Thanks for the Let it Be trivia lesson. I had no idea that it was written for Aretha and that her version was released first.

Indeed it was! The first set was Homage to Vin. And then off to the races. Thanks for keeping pace with my ride! Here's tonight's list:


#cavalcade tonight's show with @PaulCavalconte is truly inspired -- a creative mix of incredible music -- the old guard, the new guard -- and seldom heard material.

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