Paul Cavalconte, radio host on New York’s WNYC, WQXR and WFUV; curator of The Vinyl Experience and Vinyl Jazz stations on iHeartRadio, and The Vinyl Experience Radio Show on prn.fm and rtds.ca.

I’ve taken lumps for defending Baker Street as one of the great pop art songs of our time. It’s an amazing production as a record but you need great Hi Fi and an original (correct pitch) LP pressing. And of course the sax line makes it, as does the guitar solo. #notyachtrock

https://t.co/l97O2f8Q5e Playing “Forget Me Nots” on CD1019 was a joy. Made people Move! Glad that this underrated artist is getting the NYT❤️

On the topic of 10CC “I’m Not In Love” Iconic record that can’t be copied or improved on. Name some others!

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