Paul Cavalconte, radio host on New York’s WFUV and WQXR, curator of The Vinyl Experience and Vinyl Jazz stations on iHeartRadio, and The Vinyl Experience Radio Show on prn.fm and rtds.ca.

@PaulCavalconte I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!! Thanks for playing @aha_com ! They get such a bad rap here in the US, but they're a hell of a band. ❤️🎧😎

Yes! I thought of that during the break and decided to let it go. But I’m thrilled that you’re on it. As Dr Wertergast said, “it vas a goot game.”

@PaulCavalconte I am so delighted by your show. It feels just right with milky tea and candles (daylight candles are a hygge treat I learned in Copenhagen), the paper, and a snuggly blanket. An excellent decision @wnyc made, to bring you in for this slot.

@wnyc #TheSundayShow with @PaulCavalconte #AmericanSongbook 50 years - Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

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